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An illustrated Brighton travel guide Circa 1834

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38                 THE PAVILION.
surmounted by an elegant cornice, on which are raised four beautiful arches, supported by golden columns; above these, the dome rises still higher, and represents an oriental sky, partly hidden by the branching foliage of a plantain-tree. From this is suspended, by means of various Chinese ornaments and symbols, a superb lustre, in the form of a lotus; which is a plant somewhat resem­bling our water-lily, and is the East­ern emblem of brightness and perfec­tion. This apartment is in the south wing of the palace ; in the north wing is the music-room; but I do not re­collect any thing there that will par­ticularly interest you. Between the banquetting and music rooms, in the centre of the building, is the rotunda,
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