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An illustrated Brighton travel guide Circa 1834

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THE PAVILION.                  39
or saloon : this is deemed the most superb and elegantly furnished apart­ment in the palace. It is of an ob­long form. A brilliant lustre is sus­pended from the centre of the ceiling, and others, of a smaller size, adorn the entrances to the apartment at the north and south. A beautiful chim­ney-piece of statuary marble faces the central window. The draperies were of crimson and gold: ottomans and chairs, covered with ruby-coloured silk, and framed with gold, consti­tuted a part of the luxurious furni­ture. The carpet was of light-blue, beautifully wrought with Chinese sub­jects, in gold colour. But I should quite tire you were I to describe every thing that dazzled and as­tonished the eye in this abode of
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