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An illustrated Brighton travel guide Circa 1834

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THE PAVILION,                  41
partments, which are partially sepa­rated from each other, by trellis-work of iron, in imitation of bamboo. The staircases, at each extremity, are lighted by horizontal skylights of beautiful stained glass. On the ceil­ing of one of the outer compart­ments, is exhibited the fum, or Chi­nese bird of royalty; on that of the other, the imperial dragon."
Here Lewis interrupted, to ask if there really was such a bird as the fum. His mother told him, that " the Chinese are so singular a people, and so fond of mystery, that less is known of them or their country, than of almost any other nation. But travellers describe this bird as really existing, and being one of ex­quisite beauty, with a head much
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