Holidays At Brighton - online book

An illustrated Brighton travel guide Circa 1834

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54              THE SETTING SUN.
like a vast globe of fire, seemed gra­dually sinking below the horizon, un­til it really appeared to rest upon the ocean ; and then the sky and water were of the same golden hue.
Edward and Lewis looked again and again, at the splendid sight, till the sun had almost disappeared, and only the bright tints remained. When they joined their mother, who was resting on one of the seats, they found that she, too, had been watch­ing with delight the departure of the glorious orb of day ; nor did she fail to remind her children, that such a sight should inspire them with gra­titude to our beneficent Creator, who " giveth us all things richly to en­joy ;" and whose power and good­ness are alike manifest in all his
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