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An illustrated Brighton travel guide Circa 1834

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OF THE SEA.                     57
the dark, as the glow-worm does on land ?"
Mrs. Ashton was pleased that her little boy tried to find out for himself the reason of any thing which he did not uite understand ; and she asked, whether either of the children recol­lected to have seen, when the sea was clear, animals of a jelly-like sub­stance, many of them with long ten­tacular, or arms, which they kept wav­ing in all directions.
" Yes," said Lewis, " we have seen them. One of the boatmen told us they were called falling-stars."
" True, many of them are marked with a cross or star, and they reflect the sun's rays in a beautiful man­ner. These jelly-fish, or more pro­perly Medusae, are, with many other
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