Holidays At Brighton - online book

An illustrated Brighton travel guide Circa 1834

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62 crabbe's description.
describe the very scene which has delighted you so much :—
* See, as they float along, the entangled weeds
Slowly approach, upborne on bladdery beads:
Wait till they land, and you shall then behold
The fiery sparks those tangled frons' infold,
Myriads of living points ; th' unaided eye
Can but the fire and not the form descry.
And now your view upon the ocean turn,
And there the splendour of the waves dis­cern;
Cast but a stone, or strike them with an oar,
And you shall flames within the deep ex­plore ;
Or scoop the stream phosphoric as you stand,
And the cold flames shall flash along your hand ;
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