Holidays At Brighton - online book

An illustrated Brighton travel guide Circa 1834

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can leave the busy haunts of men for some secluded glen or mountain-path, while the sky above is blue and cloudless, and the broad sea looks still and beautiful. It is de­lightful then to listen to the sweet notes of the birds, and the low mur­muring of the breeze; or even to watch the insects that sport in the sun-beams, as if they too rejoiced in their existence. But, do you think we should enjoy these pleasures, or prize them as we ought to do, if no changes in the elements disturbed the unvarying calmness of the scene? No doubt we should soon become list­less and weary, tired of the same­ness that reigned around, and long­ing for the hopes and fears that are now our motives to exertion, and
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