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An illustrated Brighton travel guide Circa 1834

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116            CAUSES OF RAIN.
" Yes," said his papa, " the atmos­phere becomes less dense as it is more distant from the earth; so that the vapour, which the sun causes to ex­hale, rises until it reaches a region of its own weight ; here it remains sta­tionary for a time, till the accumula­tion of fresh vapours forms clouds, and these at length becoming too heavy for the air to support, descend in copious showers of rain, to refresh and fertilize the earth."
Lewis thought he could quite un­derstand this. " But is this wonder­ful process," he asked, " always going on ? for, if so much rain and moisture falls upon the earth and sinks into it, does it not injure it? I should think the sun and wind would only dry the surface."
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