Holidays At Brighton - online book

An illustrated Brighton travel guide Circa 1834

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" Yes," replied her aunt, " and if I mistake not, you will find on the hill-side, near the Dyke, the musk-ophrys, which you were wishing for, to put in your herbal, and some spe­cies of orchis."
" Helen," said Lewis, " if you care so much for such common weeds as these, I wonder what you would say to the plant captain Manning told us about the other day, with blos­soms as large as—let me see—as large round as the flower-bed before your parlour-window : you would be puzzled to get a herbal huge enough for such a giant-specimen."
" I think," said Helen, good-hu-mouredly, " I should say that you and captain Manning were laughing at me."
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