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An illustrated Brighton travel guide Circa 1834

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THE SPORTSMEN.              133
Helen, forgetting the wonderful flower, in her anxiety for the rabbits. " Now they have popped into a hole; but, oh ! I am afraid it is of no use, for those sportsmen have a dog with them, and they will be sure to catch some of the innocent creatures."
" Helen," asked Lewis, archly, " do you never eat rabbit-pie when it comes to table ?"
"Oh! yes," said Helen, "I do, it is true ; but, Lewis, I would rather not think about that now; and if the poor animals must be killed for our food, I am sure it might be done in a more humane manner than hunt­ing them with dogs and guns."
Lewis could not deny this.
" Papa," said Helen, " once allowed me to keep rabbits, but you may be
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