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An illustrated Brighton travel guide Circa 1834

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disposed, just as you said, to be idle and uncomfortable after her visit to Mrs. Egertons, and the old castle : but I will try and imitate her, and not give way to an inclination to idle­ness ; for you know, Rosamond's mo­ther told her, it was natural for her and every human being to feel weary after unusual excitement; but that the fault consisted in not trying to conquer her feelings."
" I was not thinking of Rosamond, my little girl," said her uncle, stoop­ing to kiss her ; " but I am glad that you remember and apply so well what you have read. And now go and rest your weary head on the pillow, and sleep sweetly till morn­ing; for we have a long journey, you know, in prospect for to-morrow ; and
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