Holidays At Brighton - online book

An illustrated Brighton travel guide Circa 1834

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The LITTLE PRISONER; or, a Visit to the Island of Malta. Price 2s. Cd.
SAMBOE; or, the African Boy. By Mary Ann Hedge. 18mo. half bound. Price 2s. 6d.
The COT TTAGE in the CHALK PIT. By Catherine Alicia Manx. Price 2s. Cd. half bound.
PREJUDICE REPROVED ; or, the History of the Negroy Toy-seller. By the Author of the " Tell­tale," " Reformation," &c. Price Is. stitched.
The NEW ESTATE; or, the Young Travellers in "Wales and Ireland. With Plates. 12mo. half bound. Price 7s.
FIVE YEARS OF YOUTH ; or, Sense and Sentiment. By H. Martineau. With Plates, half bound. Price 6s.
BEN HOWARD; or, the Pedlar and the Pub­lican. By the Author of " The Poor Child's Friend." 18mo. half bound. Price 2s. Cd.
from the earliest Records to the Time of Xerxes; in­tended as an Introduction to the Grecian and Roman Histories used in Schools. By Mrs. T. W. Percival. Half bound. Price 5s. With Plates.
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