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S USSEX, the "land of the South Saxons," has had many chances and changes within the historic period. The traces of the Roman conquerors may still be seen in the relics of three great military roads, and in the encampments on its hills. The Saxon Aella pushed the Britons eastward at the great battle of Mercredesbourne, and founded the Sud-seax Kingdom, which was the smallest of the Heptarchy, and at last was merged in Wessex by Caedwalla. Saint Wilfrid not only converted the people of what was then the most savage part of the island, but taught them the art of the fisherman, so that they could secure other than eels as the harvest of the river and sea. Thus the South Saxons found it profit­able to abandon their " vain idols." King Edilwach and his wife Ebba gave land at Selsey
for the endowment of the first bishopric for
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