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6                               BYGONE SUSSEX.
death to be viridis viridarius, 'a green forester,' because in his lifetime he had violently enclosed other men's grounds into his park." William Barlow, Bishop of Chichester, had a prosperous career, in spite of an enforced exile in the days of Queen Mary. His wife's epitaph is rendered by Fuller:—
" Barlow's wife Agathe, doth here remain, Bishop, then exile, Bishop then again. So long she lived, so well his children sped, She saw five Bishops her five daughters wed."
Less fortunate, in a worldly sense, were the ten Protestants, burned in one fire at Lewes, or the other sufferers in that time of persecution. But Sussex has had worthies of all creeds—Gregory Martin, the Roman Catholic exile, who had the principal hand in what is called the Douay Bible; Matthew Caffyn, the controversial " Battle-axe of Sussex ;" Richard Challoner, the learned titular Bishop of Debra ; and Colonel John Michelborne, who was Governor of Londonderry, and held that city for William III. in the famous siege in which he lost his wife and seven children by famine and disease.
Sussex, whilst not claiming the first place for the grandeur of its churches, has many that are of
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