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IN DENIS DUVAL'S COUNTRY.                43
ports, and burned the town of Paita. Having missed the Spanish treasure ships, he sailed for China, and had to abandon two of his ships. The " Centurion " alone remained, and was taken to Macoa, and the crew increased to 227 by the enlistment of Negroes, Dutchmen, and Lascars. These were carefully drilled, and on June 20th, 1743, Anson captured the great Spanish galleon with its crew of 600 men and its ,500,000 worth of treasure. He returned home, was protected by a friendly fog from the French fleet, and then the ship's company, with band playing and colours flying, marched through London City with the thirty-two wagon-loads of the "loot" they had obtained from the Spaniard. Anson's dispute with the Admiralty may have hindered the immediate promotion of Denis, but his time came. In 1744-5, when Anson was one of the Board of Admiralty, Denis became post-captain, and he commanded the "Centurion" in the fight with La Jonquiere, when the captured French ships included the " Gloire" and the "Invincible," which was commanded by Captain de St. George. When the Frenchman surrendered his sword to Anson he said, " Monsieur, vous avez vaincu 1'Invincible et la Gloire vous suit,"a frank
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