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IN DENIS DUVAL'S COUNTRY.                 49
of her daughter-in-law to the matter, who also had a tablespoonful, and then, throwing the rest away, noticed that there was a sediment at the bottom of the vessel. Although the younger woman vomited, no suspicion of poison arose, and the badness of the " bumbo" was attributed to the water. Lott had partaken more liberally, and between Burmash and Bonington became seriously ill. They stopped there for tea, and Lott drank plentifully, and so recovered from the effect of the corrosive sublimate which had been administered to him. Buss, on this first dis­appointment, procured larger doses, and these were given to the unfortunate husband, who died after nine days of intense suffering. Suspicion of poisoning arose, and on examination before a justice of the peace Mrs. Lott confessed the crime. She was imprisoned seven months at Canterbury, and thence removed to Maidstone, where she remained four months awaiting her trial. This was owing to the illness of the apothecary from whom the poison had been bought. He died, however, before the Assizes came on. Buss at first denied his guilt, then in an attack of jail fever, confessed, and on his
recovery retracted his confession. The trial came
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