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50                              BYGONE SUSSEX.
on at Maidstone, 19th July, 1769. Both were found guilty. Her attitude was one of great humility and dejection, especially when the child she had borne in prison was brought into court for her to suckle. The execution took place on Penenden Heath. Buss was dressed in black, and drawn in a waggon with four horses. Mrs. Lott, wearing the mourning gown she had bought on her husband's death, followed in a hurdle also drawn by four horses, The man was executed first, and when he had hung for a quarter-of-an hour, Mrs. Lott was carried to a stake about a hundred yards away from the gallows. The stake was about seven feet high, and near the top was a peg, on which the woman standing on a stool was fastened by the neck. The stool was pulled away, and when she was quite dead, a chain was fastened round the body and the stake, fagots were piled up, and these being lighted, the body of the unhappy woman was reduced to ashes.
It was in "Port St." that a "no Popery" riot was threatened at the funeral of the Comtesse de Saverne, and averted by the courage and good feeling of the Rector, whose appeal to the angry mob was successful in appeasing their anger.
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