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IN DENIS DUVAL'S COUNTRY.                59
illegal character of the enterprise, until his mother after a conversation with the friendly Dr. Barnard, says, "He has reason. The boy shall not go out any more. We will try and have one honest man in the family." All along the coast smuggling went on, and Rye harbour did not differ from its neighbours in this respect. Soon after this occurs Denis Duval's journey to London, in company with Dr. Barnard and Mr. George Weston. They are attacked by a highwayman, whom young Denis Duval shoots with a little pistol charged with small shot. The highwayman is really Joseph Weston in disguise. The two brothers, whilst living at the Priory and passing off as country squires and adherents of the Roman Catholic faith, are really " gentlemen highway-men " and smugglers. Thackeray has here preserved the names of two notorious criminals.
The career of the Westons was very remark­able, and even if some liberal discount be made from the stories told of them the record of their successful villany remains an interesting chapter in the romance of crime. Several accounts were published of their trials, and the greatly promising title of one will be found recorded in a
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