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6o                              BYGONE SUSSEX.
footnote.* The two brothers were both daring and accomplished rogues. George Weston was born in 1753, at Stone in Staffordshire, and was the son of a small farmer. He received his education at a Grammar School, and had the reputation of being the best penman of all the pupils, an accomplishment which he afterwards turned to evil uses. Joseph was born at Stone, in 1759, educated at the same school as his brother, but was not so good a scholar. George came to London in 1773 to seek his fortune, and became chief clerk in a mercantile house at 200 a year, which was a considerable salary in those days. Then he sent for his brother, and gave him a post. So far George's career was creditable, but "gay life " had charms he could not or would not resist; he misappropriated money and fled to Holland,
* " Genuine memoirs of the Lives of George and Joseph Weston, now under sentence of death in Newgate ; the first for forgery, the latter for shooting at John Davis, and wounding him in Cock Lane. Including a particular account of all their adventures, exploits, manoeuvres, forgeries, travels, amours, and intrigues of different kinds from their infancy to the present time ; with a curious and authentic description of the manner of their being taken, very different from what has hitherto been represented. To which is now added an account of their escaping from Newgate on the second of July 1782 and the manner of their being retaken. With their trials at large at the Old Bayley on Saturday July 6. Taken down verbatum in shorthand by [William] Williamson, shorthand writer; together with Judge Buller's curious and judicious charge to the Jury. The second Edition. London: printed for John Walker, 44, Paternoster Row." 8vo, pp. IV., 76.
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