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62                               BYGONE SUSSEX.
and had many visitors, who were chiefly sporting men. They borrowed plate from " Fanny " for a big dinner party, and did not return the loan they had thus obtained from the frail but good-natured lady of the town. They next robbed the Bristol mail, and advertised to lend money on plate. The money lent was that which they had stolen. On the day of their arrrest the Westons gave a bill of sale for ,2,500, and jewels were sold for 4,000. In 1776, they were at Brough in Lincolnshire, and in the same year they rented an estate at Becken-ham, Kent, in the name of Green, and one at Bratley as Gilbert. They were arrested at Bishop's Castle, Shropshire, but apparently escaped. In 1777, we hear of them on a farm of Lord Alborough's in Ireland. Here they paid their way by forged bills and draughts. They were known as "the two pigeons at Lucas's," for their play at hazard ; but they were rooks, not pigeons. From Ireland they went to Tenby, where George was Mr. Scott and Joseph Mr. Watson. A matter of a forged draft led them from Tenby to Biddeford. In August, 1778, they were at Brecknock, engaged in the aristrocratic amusement of grouse shooting. They combined business with this pleasure by forging a draft in
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