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IN DENIS DUVAL'S COUNTRY.                67
were executed at Tyburn, 3rd September, 1782. That day at nine o'clock, Newgate opened its gloomy gates to six men doomed to death. There were two carts each having three convicts in it. The Westons read in the breviary, occasionally " directing their eyes in the posture of fervent ejaculations to heaven." The other condemned men were Protestants, and were as busy with the Prayer Book, except the youngest, who met his fate with "hardened insensibility." A priest had accompanied the Ordinary of Newgate in his carriage, and when the ropes were fastened round the necks of the convicts, these good ministers of the gospel got into the carts where the six poor wretches now stood awaiting their end. When the Westons had made their confession, the priest at the desire of George, repeatedly " put his hand into his pocket from which he extracted various articles which were disposed of agreeably to his advice." The two brothers bade farewell to the priest, to the Ordinary, to their fellow sufferers, and then after a fraternal embrace, they joined their hands together, and were launched into eternity. Their struggles were brief, a few convulsions, and the pathetic black figures, but a moment previously
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