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IN DENIS DUVAL'S COUNTRY.                69
Royal Highness the Duke of Clarence being in command), I must needs hire a post-chaise from Dover, to look at that old window in the Priory House, at Winchelsea. I went through the old tears, despairs, tragedies. I sighed as senti­mentally, after forty years, as though the infandi dolores were fresh upon me, as though I were the schoolboy trudging back to his task, and taking a last look at his dearest joy. I used as a boy to try and pass that window at nine, and I knew a prayer was said for the inhabitant of yonder chamber. She knew my holidays, and my hours of going to school and returning thence. If my little maid hung certain signals in that window, such as a flower, for example, to indicate all was well, a cross curtain, and so forth. I hope she practised no very unjustifiable statagems. We agreed to consider that she was a prisoner in the hands of the enemy ; and we had few means of communication, save these simple artifices, which are allowed to be fair in love and war."
One night, when Denis has taken Agnes home, and is walking from the Friary by the Church wall, he is bludgeoned and taken up by the press-gang at the instigation of his enemies, but fortunately is carried on board the " Serapis,"
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