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76                               BYGONE SUSSEX.
The " Long Man of Wilmington" is an enormous figure marked upon the steep hillside of one of the South Downs. The local patriots, fearful lest the grassy outlines should grow dim, have marked them out with bricks. A ruder pictorial effort could hardly be imagined, but gradually as we move about there is something of distinctness in the huge image. A shapeless cap appears to surmount a face which has eyes' and nose, but no mouth. A stiff but sturdy right arm is outstretched to clasp a staff that is the exact length of the whole figure. The left arm holds a similar walking-stick. With these aids to locomotion the " Long Man" appears to be making a step forward on the hillside. The feet are enormous and unshapely lumps. The figure is 230 feet in length, and the width from staff to staff is no feet. As we walk round its outlines on the stiff short grass with which the chalky downs are covered, we recognise the enormous size of this Sussex Giant. His greatness grows upon us. Seen from below, the outlines are not always quite easy to discern, and his proportions do not seem impressive ; but a " perambulation of the boundaries " proves him to be a veritable son of Anak. When this grassy sculpture was first
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