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including the fragmentary tracery of a Gothic window. One famous name is associated with this tiny parish, for when Elizabeth was Queen, the lord of the manor of Lullington was Sir Philip Sidney. We enter into conversation with the woman-sacristan of this tiny edifice. " What is the population of Lullington now ?" " There are only sixteen in the parish, sir." " There were more a few years ago, were there not?"
"Yes, there were twenty-six people in the parish twenty-five years ago."
"And how often do you have service here?" " Every other Sunday, in the afternoon." "What sort of a congregation is there?" " Well, the attendance has been increasing. There were only six or seven some time ago, but now we have large congregations, as many as sixteen or twenty. Of course they don't all belong to this parish ; but our minister is rector of Wilmington, and when he comes here he brings his choir with him."
" What is the age of Lullington Church ?" " It is 500 years old, for it was built in 1 300. The little stone wall near the door is what came from the tower when it was struck by lightning."
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