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To the Tune of " Come, come, my sweet and bonny one."
Within the haven towne of Rye,
That stands in Sussex faire, There dwelt a maide, whose constancie Transcendeth all compare:
This turtle dove
Did dearly love A youth, who did appeare
In minde and face
To be the grace And pride of Lester-shire.
This young man, with a noble peere
Who lik't his service well, Went from his native Lester-shire In Sussex for to dwell:
Where living, nye
The towne of Rye, This pretty mayde did heare
Of his good parts,
Who by deserts Was pride of Lester-shire
For comming once into that towne,
It was at first his chance To meet with her, whose brave renowne All Sussex did advance :
And shee likewise
In his faire eyes, When once she came him neere,
Did plainely see
That none but hee Was pride of Lester-shire.
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