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94                              BYGONE SUSSEX.
After pausing over many of these memorials of mortality we come at last upon the object of our search. Old Humphrey's grave is almost against the wall on the upper slope above the church, and just below the road known as the Tackleway. Here, almost hidden behind the tomb of one of more aristocratic degree, is the memorial of the chatty writer, who delighted and instructed thousands with his homely wisdom and cheerful good-sense. Literary fame he did not seek, and notwithstanding his voluminous record as an author, perhaps never had. His desire was not to attract admiration to himself, but to exert a healthy influence on the lives of others. On his tomb we read :
To the Memory
of Kingsland, London,
better known in numerous works as
"Old Humphrey."
In his writings
he sought the honour of God
and the highest happiness of mankind,
in his life
he adorned the doctrines of the gospel,
in his death
he rejoiced in the hope of the glory of God
through the merits of Jesus Christ his Saviour.
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