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I T was a happy thought that led the American poet, Longfellow, to devote so much time to the compilation of an anthology of the " Poems of Places "—the verses which celebrate the charm or record the traditions of localities all over the world that have been regarded with favour by the poets and rhymers. Every English county ought to have its own anthology of this nature, and such compilations would bring to light many things of interest that had escaped the notice of Longfellow. Few men, however, could have been better fitted for the task, for the author of " Evangeline " was not only a true poet but a man of wide reading, sound scholarship, and excellent judgment.
It is perhaps remarkable that Sussex, with its lovely and diversified scenery, and its historical associations, has not more frequently excited the enthusiasm of the topographical muse. These memoranda as to poems of Sussex places, do not claim to be exhaustive, but will, it is hoped, be of
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