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Now many a person had been fairly puzzled, By such assailants and completely muzzled ; Baker, however, was not dashed with ease— But proved he acted after their own system, And with small ceremony soon dismissed 'em, Putting these words into their ears like fleas : " If I do have a blow, well, where's the oddity ? I merely do as other tradesmen do, You sir—and you—and you ! I'm only puffing off my own commodity."
Lord Thurlow's sonnet, though entitled " Hastings," seems to be more appropriately placed with the verses relating to Battle.
O moon, that shinest on this heathy wild, And light'st the hill of Hastings with thy ray, How am I with thy sad delight beguiled, How hold with fond imagination play !
By thy broad taper I call up the time When Harold on the bleeding verdure lay, Though great in glory, over stained with crime, And fallen by his fate from kingly sway !
On bleeding knights, and on war-broken arms, Torn banners, and the dying steed you shone, When this fair England and her peerless charms, And all but honor, to the foe were gone !
Here died the king, whom his brave subjects choose, But dying, lay amid his Norman foes.
Beachy Head. Charlotte Smith has described this bold head­land where the South Downs end in the sea.
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