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130                         BYGONE SUSSEX.
night, the fire was kindled again in the milkhouse, and suddenly the whole house was on fire, but most of the goods were saved. The fire was very white, and did not singe their hands when they were pulling things out of it. The household stuff was carried next day to a neighbour's house, and put in one end, whilst the family were at the other end. Dust was thrown upon the man and his wife in bed. At last, unable to endure more, the man arose, and with another accompanying him, took a candle and lanthorn in his hand, and went to Mr. Bennet, the minister of Brightling, and entreated him to go back with them. Accordingly Mr. Bennet and his brother went to the house and prayed with the people. At first dust was thrown at them, but all was quiet during prayer. Afterwards as the minister was reading Psalm 91, and the man was standing by him holding the candle, the light was beaten out. Presently a knife was thrown at the minister, which fell behind him. Then a chopping knife was thrown. Hereupon the man said, " These things are thrown at others for my sake." At length he fell down upon his knees, and confessed that he had been a hypocrite and a pilfering fellow, and that he had robbed his master, etc.,
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