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etc. He further declared that he was willing to separate the things which he had taken wrongfully, from his own goods. This he accordingly did, laying forth several things which he said were none of his, and naming the persons from whom he had wrongfully taken them. As a great chest was carried out " trenchers, platters, and other things were thrown about in so dreadful a manner, that one not much noted for religion, said, ' Pray you, let us go to prayer,' and indeed that was their only refuge, praying, preaching, and singing Psalms." A dish was thrown several times, and once gave Mr. Bennet a smart blow on the cheek. Then the man's boots, a chopping knife, crabs out of a tub standing in the midst of the room, a fire brand, a hammer, and a Bible, were flying about once or more, " yet at prayer all was quiet." In the morning, Mr. Bennet and his brother left, but before they got home they heard that the house was on fire. Mr. Bennet was thereupon sent for again.
When the house took fire although they carried away their goods, pulled off the thatch, and quenched the fire ; yet it kindled again and again, until the house was burnt down to the ground. When the goods were removed into the
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