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136                               BYGONE SUSSEX.
Also it doeth demonstrate plague
The great abuse and vyce, That here in England now doesth raygne,
That monstrous is the guyse.
By readinge stories we shall fynde,
In Scripture and elles-where, That when such things came up out of kynde
Gods wrath it did declare.
But if we lightely weye the same,
And make but myne dayes wonder The Lord our strutness soon will tame
And sharpely bringe vs vnder.
Then ponder wel, be tymes long past,
The sequel of suche signes, And call to God by prayer in hast
From sinne to chaunge our myndes.
Repent amende, both hygh and lowe,
The woorde of God embraceó To lyve therto as we should doe
God give vs all the grace !
,                                       Quod Jhon D.
The father hereof is one Vyncent, a boutcher; bothe he and hys wyfe being of honest and quiet conversation, they having had chyldren before in natural proportion, and went with this her full tyme.
Imprynted at London by Leonard Askel, for Frances Godlyf, in the yeare of oure Lorde, 1562.
The " poet" remains unidentified, which is perhaps as well for his reputation.
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