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T HE Topographical Muse has had no more enthusiastic votary than Michael Drayton, who, in his " Poly-albion," had no precursor and has had no imitator. The task of putting in verse " a chorographical description of all the tracts, rivers, mountains, forests, and other parts of this renowned isle of Great Britain, with intermixture of the most remarkable stories, antiquities, wonders, rarities, pleasures, and com­modities of the same," might easily have daunted a less strenuous and less patriotic bard than Drayton. The success of the book did not answer the magnitude of its scope, or even the excellence of its execution. The work was undertaken by 1598, and the first instalment appeared in 1612, and was dedicated to Henry, Prince of Wales, who encouraged the scheme. After his death, the grant of ^10 yearly appears to have been continued by Charles. The public
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