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158                                BYGONE SUSSEX.
(Their fountains that derive, from those unpittied Woods, And so much grace thy Downes, as through their Dales
they creep, Their glories to convey unto the Celtick deep) It very hardly tooke, much murmuring at their pride. Cleere Lauant, that doth keep the Southamptonian side (Dividing it well-neere from the Sussexian lands That Selsey doth survay, and Solents troubled sands) To Chichester their wrongs impatiently doth tell: And Arun * (which doth name the beautious Arundell) As on her course she came, it to her Forrest tolde. Which, nettled with the newes, had not the power to hold : But breaking into rage, wisht Tempests them might rive; And on their barren scalps, still flint and chauke might
thrive, The brave and noble Woods which basely thus upbraid. And Adur f comming on, to Shoreham softly said,
* So it is coniectured, and is without controuersie justifiable if that be the name of the Riuer. Some, fable it from Arundel, the name of Beuis horse: It were so as tolerable as (a) Bucephalon, from Alexanders horse, (b) Tymenna in Lycia from a Goate of that name, and such like, if time would endure it: But Beuis was about the Conquest, and this Towne, is by name of Erundele, knowne in time of King Alfred (c) who gaue it with others to his Nephew Athelm. Of all men, (d) Goropius had somewhat a violent coniecture, when he deriued Harondell, from a people call'd Charudes (in Ptolemy, towards the utmost of the now Juitland) part of whome hee imagines (about the Saxon and Danish irruptions) planted themselues here, and by difference of dialect, left this as a branch sprung of their Country title.
(a)  Plutarch in Alex. R. Curt. lib. 9.
(b) Steph. wepl ttoX.
(c)  Testament. Alfred, vbi etiam, Ritheramfeild, Diccalingum, Angmeringum. Feltha, alias in hoc agro Villae legatur Oppertho eiu.sdem Cognato.
(d)  Gothodanic. lib. 7.
t This Riuer that here falls into the Ocean might well bee vnderstood in that (a) Port of Adur, about this coast, the reliques whereof, learned Camden takes to be Edrington, or Adrington, a little from Shoreham. And the Author here so calls it Adur.
(a) Portus Adurni in Notil. Prouins,
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