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One Generation shall praise thy Works to another, and shall declare thy mighty Acts. Psal. 145. 4. London : Printed for John Dunton, at the Raven, in Jewen-Street,
Before Mr. Turner, who was born at Marbury, Cheshire, in 1653, went to the University, he was resident in the house of the saintly Philip Henry at the Broad Oak, and to him was com­mitted the early education of Matthew Henry. In this, as in many other cases, the pupil sur­passed his master. Turner also "entered Katy in reading English, and Sarah in Hebrew." The period at Broad Oak was only from August, 1670, to February, 1671. He matriculated at St. Edward Hall, Oxford 26th March, 1669, took his B.A. in 1672, and became M.A. in 1675. The early piety of Matthew Henry was not more remarkable than his precocious intellectual development, and though Mr. Turner did not share the Nonconformist scruples of the Henrys, his theological views were much the same. Thus, in 1691, he wrote to Philip Henry, " Your son's book is orthodox in my opinion ; and agreeable to my rule of faith and charity ; and his vindicator is a man of brisk brains and sharpwitted pen." The "vindicator" was
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