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the Rev. William Tong, at whose instance Matthew Henry had written.
William Turner, we have John Dunton's testimony, was " a man of wonderful moderation, and of great piety." In the opinion of that honest bookseller Mr. Turner's style was "very easy and free." And one other peculiarity would endear him to the bibliopole, "he was very generous, and would not receive a farthing for his copy till the success was known." In 1698, Dunton mentions that nearly a thousand copies of the " Remarkable Providences" had been disposed of in London, and complains that only twenty had been sold in Ireland. Amongst the Dunton MSS. in the Bodleian is a letter from Turner to the bookseller about his " Book of Religions."
There is much promise in the lengthy title of " Remarkable Providences," and it cannot be said to be falsified by the contents of the book, which are of the most varied and miscellaneous nature. Mr. Turner appears to have emptied his common­place book, and even his note book, into this folio. Some of the articles are but a line in length, and are mere references to authorities, whilst a life of Queen Mary—then recently deceased—occupies many of its folio pages. It is a mingle-mangle of
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