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168                            BYGONE SUSSEX.
" wise saws and modern instances," set down without any critical effort to sort the wheat from the chaff, or the true from the false. Mr. Turner appears to have had the faculty of belief strongly developed, and to have been innocent of any principles of criticism, whether higher or lower.
A Remarkable Escape from Execution.
There are several references in the book to the author and his relations and friends. " I will here set down," he says, "a remarkable story of my own father, William Turner, a private man, and dis­engaged from parties ; who yet in the time of our late Civil Wars, being requested by a neighbour to assist him in the securing of a gelding, which he had in a pasture, not far from my father's house, upon the expectation of an army, that was coming in that road: My father readily, without any excuse, went along with him, took the horse out of the pasture, went along the road, so long, till the neighbour, fearing danger, diverted into the fields: My father being not far from his own house, and trusting partly to the innocence of his cause, kept the road, and bid farewell to his companion ; but by and by meeting with some soldiers, he passed by them, and after them,
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