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A SUSSEX BOOK.                            173
tions, was by me dissuaded from coming to the Sacrament till such time as he had given some proof of his reformation. He took this so disdain­fully, that he left our communion, went first to a meeting of dissenting Protestants in the town, then to the Papists ; and at last falling ill of a strange disease in his bowels, from which he could find no ease or relief, but by taking a daily dose of laudanum ; his only child died, his wife became lame in her arm, and he continued pining away some years, and at last died in extream poverty, and was carried like a sack of corn, with only one man attending, on horseback to his grave." (Chap, cxix., 7).
Supernatural Lights.
"When I was minister of Shipley, in Sussex, a certain man of another parish on a Lord's Day after evening service, came to me, and desired to speak with me about some particular case of con­science (I think it was concerning the sin against the Holy Ghost) ; after some discourse upon the point, he told me that he had for many years been haunted with doubts, and great fears about his salvation, and could enjoy no comfort; hut at last unexpectedly as he was in his loom (for he was a
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