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174                            BYGONE SUSSEX.
weaver by trade) a certain text of Scripture was suggested to his mind, by he knew not what secret impulse, and thereupon all the thick fog, which he had so long laboured under was scattered, and the room was filled with great light, and he enjoyed a great serenity, and peace, and comfort afterwards." (Chap, xxiv., 5).
Still more remarkable is the second narrative of this kind.
" One Mr. Burgess, late minister of Graffam, in Sussex, being put to some trouble at his first coming to that place, through the unkindness (not to say dishonesty) of some neighbours, made a journey to London, for the better securing himself in the possession, and returning home, came late to the outward skirts of the parish, where being apprehensive of danger, partly by reason of the great darkness of the night, and partly by reason of the waters and ditches, which are thereabouts somewhat formidable to a stranger, he did by some secret ejaculations earnestly beg of God, so to direct and preserve him in the way, that he might not miscarry before he got to his own (then a new) home : and presently a light shone about him, to his great surprizal and comfort, and did accompany him closely (as the Pillar of Fire did
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