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William Turner in a light which will not com­mend him to modern ideas, and it would be a vain effort to attempt to show that he was wiser than his own generation. Let our last quotation be one then that is creditable to his heart, and to the Sussex folk amongst whom his lot was cast:— " I think my candid reader will easily pardon me, if for gratitude's sake I take an occasion here for the glory of God, and the commendation of the people, to make mention of the respects, love, and kindness (much beyond my desert) which I re­ceived as from the inhabitants of Arundel and Shipley, in Sussex; so especially from the parishioners of Preston, Gubbals, and Broughton, in Shropshire ; together with the adjacent neigh­bourhood, which were so freely and plentifully shewed me whilst I was their minister, that I may testify of them, they were kind to me even beyond their power (some of them); and I hope God would return it into their bosoms, and remember them in the day of their distress : for I speak this to their praise, I never met with more loving people in my life." (Chap, lxi., 14).
In addition to the " Remarkable Providences," he was the author of a " History of all Religions in the world," which was published by Dunton, in
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