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Tonson apparently carried out a threat to Steele to sell the copyright, for what was the third edition of the play appeared with the following title page :—" The Drtunmer or the Haunted House; a comedy. With a preface by Sir Richard Steele, and his letter to Mr. Congreve concerning the Author of this play, etc. London; Printed for the Company of Book­sellers." This forms part of Vol. XIV., of a collection of the Best English Plays, which must have been published about 1723, as the plays volume range in date from 1721 to 1723. At page 23 there is the following important statement: "Advertisement concerning the author of this Play. Mr. Harrison, an ingenious Gentlemen who had written several Tatlers after Mr. Steele had dropt them, undertook afterwards to write a play called The Drummer, or the Haunted House, under the direction and tutorship of Mr. Addison, as he told a friend of his at the Hague where he was Secretary to the Earl of Strafford in 1710. That friend, to whom Mr. Harrison read some scenes of his Play, thinks they were much the same as here in this Play; but he cannot be positive, that Mr. Harrison had quite finished his Play, or tell what alterations Mr. Addison may
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