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192                                BYGONE SUSSEX.
Dr. Young told Joseph Spence that when Harrison came over with the Barrier Treaty he "went to court very richly dressed, on a birth-night within a month after his return, caught a violent cold there, which brought on a fever and carried him off. He was a little brisk man, quick and passionate, rather foppish in his appearance, a pretty look, and a quick eye. His family were all handsome." Swift, who had obtained some money for him, has this entry under date Feb. 14, 1712-13 :" I took Parnell this morning, and we walked to see poor Harrison. I had the hundred pounds in my pocket. I told Parnell I was afraid to knock at the door; my mind misgave me ; I knocked, and his man, in tears, told me his master was dead an hour before. Think what grief this is to me ! I went to his mother, and have been ordering things for his funeral, with as little cost as possible, to-morrow, at ten at ni^ht. Lord Treasurer was much concerned when I told him I could not dine with Lord Treasurer or anybody else ; but got a bit of meal toward evening. No loss ever grieved me so much ; poor creature ! " Tickell and Young have also left on record their admiration for this " much-loved youth," and their sorrow at his untimely fate.
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