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202                             BYGONE SUSSEX.
the fact that three editions have appeared of Mrs. Gatty's " Book of Sun-dials." #
Sun-dials are not so common in Sussex as might have been expected, but there is an undated one at St. Leonard's-on-Sea, and another at Sun­dial House, Hove, which are not mentioned by Mrs. Gatty and her contributors.
In the wall of the south aisle of Arundel Church, there is a dial dated 1744. On it is the following motto :—" Dixe dies numerare " (Learn to number the days).
This place, the residence of that amiable man James Hurdis, the author of the " Favourite Village," can boast of one of the most remark­able sun-dials in the country. It is placed over the church porch, and is inscribed"^ Eadric." The stone is rounded at the top, and has for ornament a Greek fret. The hour lines are thirteen in number. The five principal lines
* The latest, a handsome quarto volume of nearly 600 pages, was pub­lished in 1890 by Messrs. George Bell & Son. It is a book to be welcomed to the working library of the antiquary, and yet possessing so much of popular and pictorial interest (for it is illustrated by charming drawings) as to deserve a place on the table of what our elders called the parlour— a name now almost as obsolete as the sun-dial.
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