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SUN-DIALS.                                      205
Only the sunny hours ! Dark—is distress, And light is happiness :
Only the sunny hours !
Our life is light,
Our Death is as the Night
Only the sunny hours !
So—when 'tis done, Mark, with the Dial's powers As do the fruits or flowers,
The record of the Sun.*
"We shall—1693," may be read in Buxted Churchyard, above an old and rather elaborately engraved dial. It is an effort of rural philo­sophy to combine instruction and amusement, and is to be read "We must die all." This pun was a somewhat favourite joke with the dial-makers.
The remarkable market cross at Chichester, erected in the fifteenth century by Bishop Edward Story, and repaired in the reign of Charles II., had formerly four dials facing the principal streets of the city, but these have been superseded by a clock.
* Ellis. Gesar in Egypt (1885), p. 267.
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