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East Grinstead.
Sackville College, East Grinstead, is a building dating from a.d. 1616. The dial was formerly inscriped " Tempus fugit," but the face of the dial was renewed during the wardenship of the Rev. Dr. Neale, and was then inscribed " Horas non numero nisi serenas" (/ count only the bright hours).
At Elleslie, near Chichester, there is a cross dial with ten separate mottoes, namely :—" Bulla est vita humana" (The life of man is a bubble). " Fugio, fuge " (I fly—fly thou). "Nosce teipsum " (Know thyself). " Nulla dies sine linea " (No day without its mark). " Pereunt et imputantur" (They perish, and are reckoned). "Quid celerius tempore?" (What is swifter than time?). "Sic transit gloria mundi" (So passes the glory of the world). "Umbra Dei" (The shadow of God). " Ut vita sic umbra" (As life so is a shadow). "Via vitae" (The Way of life).
" Cito pede sabitur aetas, 1724" (With swift foot doth time glide by), is engraved on a stone pedestal in Frant Churchyard. The
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