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Who flirted, danced, and took their ease Beneath the Limes.
No doubt they made a pretty show
In hoop, and sack, and furbelow;
These slaves to Fashion's stern decrees,
These patched and powdered Pantilese
With all their grand punctilo—
Beneath the Limes!
Beneath the limes perchance you'll fret For bygone times, and may regret
The manner of the time of Anne,
The graceful conduct of a fan, And stately old-world etiquette !
The good old days are gone, and yet You never saw, I'll freely bet, More beauty since the Wells began— Beneath the Limes !
For Linda, Bell, and Margaret, With Nita, Madge, and Violet, Alicia, Phyllis, Mona, Nan, And others you'll not fail to scan, Will make you bygone times forget— Beneath the Limes !
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