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226                            BYGONE SUSSEX.
writings are prized by students, though they cannot be said to have attracted the general public to any large extent. Warter married the daughter of Robert Southey, and a window in the church is dedicated by her piety and the memory of her father. Another famous name connected with Tarring is that of John Strype, who was some time its rector. Passing through the quiet town of Tarring, a field path brings us to the quieter village of Salvington, and at its entrance is the cottage where John Selden is said to have been born in 1584. The date on the doorway is 1601, but the building may be older than the inscription. The father of the great jurist was a " minstrel," and is said to have won his wife by his skill in music. The cottage was then known as the Lacies, and was the house attached to a farm of about eighty acres. On the lintel of the door inside is an inscription said to have been composed and carved by Selden at the age of ten!
gratvs Honeste mih' No clavDAR initio sedeb'
This has been interpreted as :
Gratus, honeste, mihi, non claudar, initio sedebis [or sedequej Fur abeas : non sum facta soluta tibi.
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