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That's allotted us by Fate, Both agree to take our breath !
The eastern end of the tomb is covered with a rhyming apology put forward by the poetical miller to excuse his unusual place of sepulchre.
" Why should my fancy any one offend, Whose good or ill does not on it depend ; 'Tis at my own expense, except the land, A generous grant on which my tomb doth stand ; This is the only spot that I have chose Wherein to take my lasting long repose ; Here in the dust my body lieth down, You'll say it is not consecrated ground— I grant the same, but where shall we e'er find The spot that e'er can purify the mind ; Nor to the body any lustre give, This more depends on what a life we live; For when the trumpet shall begin to sound T'will not avail e'en where the body's found !"
On the side of the tomb which faces the visitor as he ascends the hill may he read :—
" In Memory
Of John Oliver, Miller,
Who departed this life,
the 22d of April, 1793,
aged 84 years."
The Miller's funeral attracted all the country side, and thousands of spectators are said to have witnessed the singular spectacle. The coffin was
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