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238                            BYGONE SUSSEX.
recited some of them at a lecture. In this way the attention of literary friends was attracted, and under their patronage a volume of verse, "Guesses at the Beautiful," was printed in 1852. After a year spent in the study of agriculture, Realf emigrated to the United States. He became familiar with the slums of New York, and as a missionary at Five Points, established cheap lectures and "a self-improvement association." When the struggle between slavery and liberty was going on in "bleeding Kansas," Realf joined the free-soilers, started a newspaper, and thus came into contact with John Brown, who was already dreaming the dreams that resulted first in the tragedy of Harper's Ferry, and lastly in the Proclamation of Emancipation. In the Pro­visional Government, that Brown projected in 1856, Realf was named as Secretary of State. The execution of the scheme was postponed, and Realf revisited England, and also made a tour through the Southern States. When Brown's attempt at Harper's Ferry failed, Realf was arrested in Texas, and sent to Washington but released.*
* Mr. Dalmon is wrong thinking that the Sussex poet was at Harper's Ferry,—
" Realf I loved too, and fondly hoped that he Would sing for me alone, and in my name,
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