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treasure, and some of his happy phrases have obtained universal currency. Collins, like Spenser, is a poet's poet, and he lacks some of the essentials of the widest popularity. But he will always attract those who can follow his lofty flights into realms of wonder and imagination, where his spirit loved to dwell. The story of his hapless life is one of the saddest in English literature.
The greatest of these names is that of Percy Bysste Shelley, the one Sussex man who has climbed to the highest peak of Parnassus. , Well may the Sussex Muse exclaim—
" When Shelley's soul was carried through the air, Toward the manor-house where he was born, I danced along the avenue at Denne, And praised the grace of heaven and the morn, Which numbered with the sons of Sussex men,
A genius so rare ! So high a honour, so dear a birth, That, though the Horsham folk may little care To laud the favour of his birthplace there, My name is bless'd for it throughout the earth.
I taught a child to love and dream and sing Of witch, hobgoblin, folk, and flower lore; And often led him by the hand away Into St. Leonard's forest, where of yore The hermit fought the dragon—to this day,
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