Eastbourne Memories - online book

Of The Victorian Period 1845 To 1901
And Some Other Things Of Interest, Divers.
By George F Chambers F.R.A.S.
Published By V. T. Sumfield Station Street Eastbourne. Circa 1910

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I have often been urged to write a book such as the present, but it was the following editorial paragraph in the East-Bourne Chronicle of December 4, 1909, which "fixed up" the idea:- " As it never rains but it pours, the further letters of local Reininicsences published to-day, come almost as a matter of course. And a contribution in this connection from Mr. Chambers posseses naturally a special interest, for probably nobody has a greater fund of material to draw upon than that gentleman, who for a lengthy period has been closely identified with the public and social life of East-Bourne. We hope Mr. Chambers may find time to " materialise " the hint included in his letter, and record his recollections in a manner and on a scale to cover practically his life-long acquaintance with the town. Such a recital, produced from Mr. Chambers' inexhaustible resources and rendered in the readable style of which he is peculiarly capable, would be of more than passing interest, and be welcomed by a great many of the inhabitants." I have nothing to say in self-defence if I should be accused of presumption or vanity, and I will content myself by stating that I have endeavoured to avoid as far as possible mentioning anything which has already been treated of either in my well-known Hand-Book for East-Bourne, or in Mr. R. J. Graham's East-Bourne Recollections, published in 1888, or in Mr. J. C. Wright's By-gone East-Bourne, published in 1902.

In order to use the same page numbers in the book for the text I have had to move all the full page illustrations to the begining of the book.